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S/Sgt Charles E. Kelley - 32nd Squadron
S/Sgt Charles E. Kelley - 32nd Squadron
Cpl. Winfred Allan Beamon - 32nd Squadron
Lewis O. Campbell - Cook with the 353rd squadron
July 26, 1944
Bail out of a B-17 ??
Radio Operator - Gus Spohn - 353rd Sqn
Cpl. Fidelis Shutler 419th Squadron
1st Lt. Frederick Lopez - 32nd Squadron
1st Lt. Elmer Kuhbander - 353rd Squadron
1st Lt. Walter Nordin - 352nd Squadron
T/Sgt. Sidney Gitlin - 32nd Squadron
2nd Lt. Raymont P. Puck, 352nd BS
T/SGT Karl Godfrey Osmer 352nd BS
Col. John Moorman 301st BG HQ
2nd Lt. Jess W Coppedge 419th Squadron
Pfc. Walter Drogt - 32nd Squadron
2nd Lt. Jess Coppedge - 419th Squadron
S/Sgt. Robert J Brewer - 32nd Squadron
2nd Lt. Jess Coppedge - 419th Squadron
Sgt. Anthony Massone - 32nd Squadron
Maj. William Miller - 419th Squadron
Col. George Brooks
T/Sgt. Richard E. Clark - 353rd Squadron
Cpl. Max E. Roesner - 352nd Squadron
T/Sgt. John C. Schaffer - 419th Squadron
Sgt. Julius D'Amelio Jr. - 353rd Squadron
S/Sgt.. Chester Enoch Bartram - 353rd Squadron
301st Mission 26 September 1942
1st Lt. Roy L. Cochcroft - 353rd Squadron
Cpl. Jimmie W King - 352nd Squadron
T/Sgt. John C. Schaffer - 419th Squadron
1st Lt. Joe W. Meador - 352nd Squadron
M/Sgt. Thomas Stanley - 353rd Squadron
S/sgt. Cornelius H Jacob - 419th Squadron
1st Lt. Lloyd Douglas - 419th Squadron
2nd Lt. John Browne - 419th Squadron
Capt. William A. Schultz - 419th Squadron
S/Sgt. Robert Weintraub - 419th Squadron
T/Sgt. John Oakley - 32nd Squadron
Sgt. Edgar Pretty On Top - 353rd Squadron
Sgt. John Oakley - 32nd Squadron
March 10,1943 in La Marsa, Tunisia
1st Lt. Onan A. Hill - 353rd Squadron
Capt. Donald L. Tracy - 353rd Squadron
S/Sgt Earl F. Geer, Jr. - 32nd Squadron
1st Lt. Robert M. Fonner - 353rd Squadron
T/Sgt. Melvin Willard Craig - 419th Squadron
S/Sgt. Arthur B. Unruh - 32nd Squadron
T/Sgt Charles O. Cole - 352nd Squadron
Sgt. Eugene Townsend - 32nd Squadron
S/Sgt. Herschel L. Brown - 353rd Squadron
2nd Lt. Douglas Moore - 32nd Squadron
Lt. Col. Frederick C Eaton - HQ 301 BG
Capt. William A. Schultz - 419th Squadron
Maj. Wendell Bevan - 419th Squadron
2nd Lt. Harry Lee Jordan - 419th Squadron
2nd Lt. Harry Lee "Bobby" Jordon - 419th Squadron
S/Sgt. Raymond Garbiso - 352nd Squadron
MACR 10081 - A/C 42-97728
T/Sgt. Victor C. Nikolaus - 352nd Squadron
Forgette - Abbreviations
S/Sgt. Warren Johnson - 419th Squadron
S/Sgt. Cornelius H Jacob - 419th Squadron
S/Sgt. Kyle Irving Jones - 419th Squadron
S/Sgt. Doria E. Hamel - 32nd Squadron
301st Bomb Group Emblem
S/Sgt. William A. Bettridge - 419th Squadron
S/Sgt. Richard Van Norton - HQ 301st Bomb Group
Sgt. Frank J. Conlon - 353rd Squadron
Cpl. Stanley Schonberg - 32nd Squadron
Cpl. Jesse Taylor - 353rd Squadron
1st Lt. Allen Ferguson -
Cpl. Leonard David Feerick, Jr. - 352nd Squadron
M/Sgt. Robert H. Dilling - 352nd Squadron
M/Sgt. Charles L. Dearmin - 419th Squadron
Sgt. Valentine Cyboron - 419th Squadron
1st Lt. Thaddeus Crump - 352nd Squadron
Capt. Emmet Edward Cook - 352nd Squadron (2)
T/Sgt. Charles O. Cole - 352nd Squadron
S.Sgt. Charles Ciochetto - 353rd Squadron
T/Sgt. James Arthur Phillips - 353rd Squadron
S/Sgt. William J. Manda - 419th Squadron
Capt. John C. Cameron - 353rd Squadron
S/Sgt. Jerry Brewer - 352nd Squadron
1st Lt. James F Beck - 419th Squadron
1st Lt. Richard Andrew Barlow - 32nd Squadron
S/Sgt. Frederick M. Biggs - Squadron
S/Sgt. Anthony Andruskevich - 419th Squadron
Sgt. Lloyd Blevins - 352nd Squadron
Lt. Col. John D. Moorman - HQ 301st BG
Finley J. Dutton - 353rd Squadron
S/Sgt. Clifford A. Gustafson - 419th Squadron
2nd Lt. Herbert Allen James
Lt. NOMA J. FRITZSCHE - 419th Squadron
Capt. George F. Goeltz - 352nd Squadron
Captain Jerry Elery Dodge - 419th Squadron
T/Sgt. Delmer J. Dooley - 353rd Squadron
T/Sgt. Charles William Bennett - 352nd Squadron
S/Sgt. Dan Curtician - 32nd Squadron
T/Sgt. George R. Baltus - 353rd Squadron
1st Lt. Wayne Darrel Cherrington - 419 Squadron
T/Sgt. Henry S. Brenzo - 419th Squadron
1st Lt. Joseph D. Beam, Jr - 352nd Squadron
S/Sgt. Thurman Andrew Via - 353rd Squadron
T/Sgt. Orvin W. Larson - 419th Squadron
S/Sgt. Walter T. Zumpe, Jr. - 419th Squadron
2nd Lt. John H. Hedquist, Jr. - 32nd Squadron
Sgt. Willie Gray Horton - 419th Squadron
Sgt. Ward Alan Crane - 32nd Squadron
2nd Lt. Alfred J. Cryer - 352nd Squadron
1st Lt. Oliver A. Westbrook, Jr. - 419th squadron
Alfred C. Fox Jr - 301st Wing
Pvt. Don Dean Glaze - 353rd Squadron
S/Sgt Joseph W. Allen - 32nd Squadron
S/Sgt. Lee A. Varner - 419th Squadron
T/Sgt. Joseph P. Maiers - 419th Squadron
M/Sgt. George John McGrath - 419th Squadron
2nd Lt. Paul F. Belot - 32nd Squadron
1st Lt. Chester A. Nenney, Jr - 419th Squadron
Sgt. Richard K. Bloedau - 32nd Squadron
T/Sgt. John A. Mazza - 419th Squadron
Maj. Peter J. O'Carroll - 419th Squadron
S/Sgt. Harold D. Hampshire - 253rd Squadron
1st Lt. Leslie J. Tyler - 353rd Squadron
S/Sgt. Lamar S. Burden - 352nd Squadron
Cpl. James F. Hendricks - 352nd Squadron
2nd Lt. Kenneth Kai-Kee - 32nd Squadron
1st Lt. James McGarry - 419th Squadron
T/Sgt, Sator "Sandy" Sanchez - 353rd Squadron
S/Sgt. Michael Scalabrino - 32nd Squadron
S/Sgt. Joseph Mangano - 32nd Squadron
Lt. Patrick M. Gahagan - 353rd Squadron
S/Sgt. Harry Corbin - 353rd Squadron
2nd Lt. Arthur Frechette - 419th Squadron
2nd Lt. Dwight D. Olson - 353rd Squadron
Capt. Jerry E. Dodge - 419th Squadron
Lt. W.S. Arnett - 419th Squadron
S/Sgt. Robert D. Chandler - 419th Squadron
2nd Lt. John J McGill - 32nd Squadron
1st Lt. Charles W. Matthews - 352nd Squadron
S/Sgt Elbert S. Cox, Jr. - 419th Squadron
S/Sgt Edward C. Boatwright - 419th Squadron
S/Sgt. Lawrence G. Johnson - 419th Squadron
Sgt Robert W. Cundiff - 419th Squadron
T/Sgt. Floyd Sanelli - 419th Squadron
2nd Lt. Franklin M. Hall - 419th Squadron
1st Lt George Neil Bech - 419th Squadron
S/Sgt. Bill Brainard - 32nd Squadron
1st Lt. Cliff Morris - 32nd Squadron
2nd Lt. Norman P Davis - 419th Squadron
2nd Lt. Emmet E. Cook - 352nd Squadron
1st Lt. Frank Evans - 353rd Squadron
T/Sgt. Lloyd E. Peterson - 32nd Squadron
S/Sgt. Arthur Unruh - 32nd Squadron
Lt. John A. McCarthy - 419th Squadron
T/Sgt. Kenneth Schuck - 352nd Squadron
Paul Kenneth
S/Sgt. Clayton Ogle - 32nd Squadron
B-17 42-30307 - 419th Squadron
S/Sgt. William C. Adamson - 419th Squadron
Lt. Howard Fish - 419th Squadron
Captain Jerry Dodge - 419th Squadron
S/Sgt Clifford A. Gustafson - 419th Squadron
1sr Lt. James P. Lilligren
T/Sgt. Delmer Dooley - 353rd Squadron
"The Joker" 352nd Squadron MACR 1992
T/Sgt. Sator S. Sanchez - 353rd Squadron
1st Lt. Oliver A. Westbrook, Jr. - 419th Squadron
M/Sgt Adam D. Soares - 32nd Bomb Squadron
Sgt. Julius C. Vellozzi - 353rd Squadron
Wright "Curly" Plummer - 353rd Squadron
Capt. Stanley Sabihon webpage
Sgt. Harold Smith - 419th Squadron
Lt Col (Ret) Henry Allen West - 352nd Squadron
Sgt. Farrel Haney - 419th Squadron
Lt. Peter L Kleist - 352nd Squadron
"Bud" Howard Raymond Whitehead - 353rd Sqn.
Robert K. McCormick
T/Sgt. John Martsching - 419th Squadron
T/Sgt. Harry O. Tippens - 352nd Squadron
S/Sgt. John F. Elsen - 353rd Squadron
T/Sgt. Stanley Muncil, 419th Squadron
MACR #15358
S/Sgt. Walter G Haberberger - 32nd Squadron
T/Sgt Walter G Haberberger - 32nd Sqn.
Thaddeus T. Crump LM-89 - 352nd Squadron
Wright Plummer, Jr 353rd Squadron
T/Sgt. Benjamin B. Calev - 353rd Sqn.
Lt. William D. Campbell - 352nd Sqn
Moonlight Cocktail Original Crew
S/Sgt. Robert Weintraub - 419th Squadron
Capt. Tinsler, Robery R. 353rd Squadron
Col. Coursey, Robert J. 32nd Squadron
Radio Operator - Gus Spohn - 353rd Sqn
Cpl. Alexander A. Piekacz - 352nd Sqn
Memorial A/C 42-97728 - Dedication 9 Aug 2008
2nd Lt. Alex Eisenstein
S/Sgt. Lewis Arlin Richardson
Harry A. Wann, Jr., First Lt., 353rd Bomber Sqn
John A. DeLuca
S/Sgt. Warren Johnson
Raven behind schedule..?
S/Sgt. Julian E. Cranford - 32nd Squadron
Pilot Training Manuals
Willard Hoeft - 32nd Squadron
S/Sgt. Robert Shigley - 352nd Squadron
A/C 42-97728 - MACR 10081
Ralph Briar - 353rd Squadron
Captain Donald Lester Tracy - 353rd Squadron
Blechhammer Chemical Plants
Ray G. Barrett - 352nd Squadron
Thomas W. Sherman Jr
Donald L Tracy - 353rd Squadron
Squadron Insignias
A/C 43-38492 - Venus Ramey
Adrian Bustamante - 353rd Squadron
"BATTAGLIA DI CASSINO - Centro Studi e Ricerche"
William Mallory
William N Mallory, Major
M/Sgt. Robert H. Dilling - 352nd Squadron
Strike Photos
Grady N. Allen - "Mis Bahavin"
Robert H. Cockreham
William P. Freeman
POWs - Wauwilermoos Prison in Switzerland
Seaking Information
1st Lt. Bart J. La Macchia
Robert Clark
Anthony J Bertone
Albino Barra
Jonas I. Striebeck
S/SGT William Kresowaty
S/Sgt. Joseph Mangano - 32nd Squadron
Sgt. Charles E. Woltje - 419th Squadron
William K. Ostermaier
Leonard J. Cantelope
Joseph Brayton Perkins
Charles E. Dawson
Paul S Julienne
Wright Plummer
Waino W. Liimatainen
Sgt. Robert E Ballard
David C Casteel - Dottie Mae
T/Sgt John Mazza - 419th Squadron
Southern France
Sgt. George Marich
Tsgt. Joseph T. Facilla
Crew with Alexander Piekacz
Alexander Piekacz, 352nd
Staff Sergeant Bernard H. McNichol
Frank J. Hanichek
Sergeant Lewis O. Campbell
Lt.Mark P.Autry
Sgt. Layman C. Roberts
Jack Berglund
Staff-Sergeant Clarence E. Smith
25233 - Rigor Mortis
James E. Passmore, Jr
Alvin G. Cline
Jack A Howel
Patrick M. Gahagan, Jr
M/Sgt Mike V. Sabol
1st Lt. John W. Houck, Jr
"Mamy Yokum". Paul Johnson
Lyle Nelson
"Jody's Little Ass"
Julian Alvin "Bill" Dickey
Mickey Joy
1st Lt. Harold E. Dixon
Ben Cabrera
Sylvester Perkowski
301st Smoky Hill AFB
Orval H. Anderson
William (Gil) R. Sultan
Elmer Poole - "June Haver"
TSGT Frank Conlon
Robert (Babe) E. Rutledge
Richard S Wilkins
S/Sgt. Fred Keener
Lt. William S. Cremen
Fight'in Irish "June Haver"
'Willy' (42-30106)
Capt. Julian A. Dickey
Stewart Taylor
james a carnell
Raymond Gene Barrett
2nd Lt Paul C. Peaters
James J Bradley "Jim"
John W. Andresen
Lt. Robert William Stone, 353rd.
Eugene Maltais
Hungarian Historian Researching 301st
John Homer Tinnel
Bombardment of Pola
T/Sgt. Melvin W. Craig - 419th Squadron

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