B-17 25233 Rigor Mortis

I would like to get in contact with any survivors, spouses, descendants or other family members. Thank You.

Johnson (Late '42, Early '43)
Edward F. Stoddard
Hart (Feb. '43)
Bishop (Feb.-April '43)
Charles Gregg (April '43)
Edward Kitterman (April '43)
Robert Fonner (July '43)
Victor Lewin (July '43)
Johnson (Fall '43) - May not be the same person as above.
Abbott (July '43)
Wilbur Raffensperger (July '43)
Neely (July-August 1943)
Paul V. Callis (August '43)
Buell W. Oberholser (August '43)
Gene F. Ohlendt (Sept.-Oct. '43)
Charles Clowe (August '43)
William J. Emerson (Sept. '43)
Herbert Patterson (Oct. '43)
Parker (October 1943)
William E. Wofford (Oct.-Nov. '43)

Dates in ( ) Denote the months during which they are shown to have flown a mission in Rigor Mortis.

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