A/C: 44-6284

Date: 08/03/1944

Target - Fredrichschaffen Germany

Flak damaged 1st Lt. Edmond Simon's aircraft near the target. It was not until after bomb release that Simon feathered his number four propeller, and shortly thereafter his B-17 dropped back from the main formation, along with his two wingmen. Fifteen minutes later Simon's crew began jettisoning equipment as the pilot feathered the number two prop. The Fortress lost more airspeed and altitude before all ten men bailed out. Waist Gunner S/Sgt William "Gil" Sultan was killed and all others were taken prisoner.

Edward Simon Pilot
Frank Cadena Co-pilot
James Coil Navigator
James Burton Bombardier
William Patterson Engineer/Gunner
Stephen Pokiniewski Radio Operator
Richard Haleblian Ball Turret
Yue Lee Waist Gunner
William Sultan Waist Gunner
Theodore Gawel Tail Gunner