301st Bombardment Group Crew Photos

If you have Crew Photos that you would like to submit, please get in touch with us via the contact link.

Crewname Squadron View Photos & Info
Hot Shotsie 758 More
Lt Fritz Aebischer 419 More
Lt Donald Brazee 32 More
Lt G. Neil Bech Crew 419 More
Lt George D. Grace, Jr. 352 More
Lt. Albert J. Fensel 419 More
Lt. Col. Stephen Henry 352 More
Lt. Ernsberger Crew 352 More
Lt. James Lilligren 419 More
Lt. James R. Derry Crew 352 More
Lt. Maurice C. Daum 352 More
Lt. McManaman Crew 32 More
Lt. Robert M. Wood Crew 353 More
Lt. Salmon Crew 419 More
Lt. Thaddeus Crump 352 More

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Military Cinema Presents
Combat film of the 301st BG in WWII on DVD.

Archival Combat Film Footage DVD of the 5th Bomb Wing includes the 301st BG.