Crash Site A/C 42-30329 301st BG


Missing Air Crew Report (MACR) No. 2595 View Details

Crash Site of 42-30329 on Mt. Saalfelden Jens Pieber, Michael Messner Jr. and Richard Pieber search for remaining parts of 42-30329 Mike Messner, Michael Messner Jr. and Jens Pieber find remaining parts of 42-30329 Richard's WWII vintage Jeep takes him on his weekend searches for Crash Sites Richard's village is in the foreground of the mountains where the 301st BG Crash Sites are located Right to left - Mt. Preber, Mt. Schoneck and Mt.Kasereck are where 301st BG Crash Sites located Getting to the Crash Sites is no easy matter Where did AC strike the ground ?    About 2 mi. from bail-out (Saalfelden)

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